Mar 23

Business Awareness

Business awareness is one of the key skills regularly flagged up by employers as a skill they need, but which too many graduates lack.

Business awareness is the first and most important step in organizing activities. It starts with the individual professional. Normally this is not a problem as again the professional knows what to do. But the organization around him is continuously snooping. This can be for the right or wrong reasons. In times like these with crisis it is reasonable that the organization is demanding more from their employees, interfering with activities that are unplanned, new, and not coherent. It is a sign that the business is lost and the organization is searching for answers and solutions. But this is not the way it should be under normal circumstances the business (focus) should control and organizational activities follow as logical cost.

The business awareness sessions is designed to help small and mid-size business owners understand the value of an online presence and gain insights into how to leverage search engine marketing and social media for business return. The Seminars also benefit Marketing Agencies and Sales Professionals by providing insights of how to best navigate the online space on behalf of their employer or clients..

We found that there is lot of information generated on a daily basis as to why every business needs to be online, marketing their websites and active in social networks. The objective of the business awareness series is to clarify the message and view the investment into Online Branding and Marketing programs from the business value perspective. The concept of the series is to build the knowledge base and expand the actionable items; however each session provides independent value! Seminar Participants will also have the opportunity to shape and refine subsequent seminar sessions.

One of the transportable skills many companies are looking for in candidates is general business attentiveness. There are various Ways in which you can develop your business awareness. One is certainly your course work, but reading newspapers and magazines and watching Certain TV channels are other important aspect


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