Jul 14

How Can Building A Team Of Remote, Dedicated .net Developers Help Your Business

Are you going to start a new (dot) .Net application project and wondering whether you should recruit remote staff or hire full-time in-house employees? I would recommend you to go in for hiring a team of remote, dedicated programmers. These days there is a growing trend of remote working. In many ways remote working model is better than not only hiring locally but even recruiting freelancers. So far as quality, collaboration, and data security are concerned, hiring a team of .Net developers is better than delegating jobs to freelancers scattered across different geographical locations. Advances in communication technologies have made it possible for the Western clients to communicate and coordinate with their remote workers. Remote employees work from a remote location but they work exclusively for one client.

For the uninitiated, .Net professionals develop windows components to run windows applications. This enables application to run on windows. In fact, software built only on .net framework can run in windows. Today, more and more Western firms are embracing the above-mentioned employment model, because their specific needs are best met by hiring remote, dedicated .Net developers. These .Net professionals have expertise and experience in Framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and SharePoint 2010.

Lets investigate the main reasons for harnessing the skills and creativity of remote, dedicated .Net programmers, rather than hiring locally.

(a)Coordination: You can quite successfully interact with your remote .Net experts who are working dedicatedly for you, halfway around the world. Knowledge sharing and people management is no longer a challenge, thanks to modern communication technologies. Modern technologies, such as Skype, e-mail, IM, videoconferencing, and PC sharing, make it feasible for you to train and give feedback to your remote workers.
(b)Hardware and software: Remote working model does not require you to purchase expensive hardware and software. The remote staffing company or service provider will provide your employees with all the things related with IT.
(c)Office space: You dont have to buy office space, install infrastructure, and other necessary items. As a matter of fact, your service provider buys the office space and gets it furnished as well as equipped with all the things required for the smooth functioning of an office that serves global clients.
(d)Employee welfare: It is not your responsibility to offer your .Net professionals with transport for commuting. You dont have to spend on employee welfare. The service provider takes care of all the requirements of your employees, including even a cafeteria where they could get good food, tea, and coffee.
(e)High quality, low price: When you ship your .Net development jobs to a remote place such as India, you get high-quality service at an affordable cost. In fact, itgetting high-quality jobs at low pricewas the rationale for sending jobs overseas. The professionals from India provide not only cost-effective but customized .Net solutions.

So, what holds you back from hiring a team of remote, dedicated .Net developers. If you seek to turn around you business, there is no other better option.


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