Sep 27

How To Start A Bookkeeping Business, Client Satisfaction Tips

If you are thinking about starting a bookkeeping business, or you are a bookkeeper who suddenly finds yourself with a client there are a number of questions to ask prior to accepting the job. Additionally these questions will assist in creating a successful client relationship which will in turn develop your business.

Bookkeeping is a service based business which relies on positive client relationships to assist in creating a successful business. Most relationships need good communication skills to be productive and work effectively. The same can be said for the relationships you form with your clients. If you can communicate well with your clients you can build long term happy clients.

It is very important to ensure you have open communication in the early stages so both you and the client understand what each person expects from the relationship. If your client wants their work done in a week, but you have put them in your diary to have the work done in a month, this is a clear example of poor communication which will result in an unhappy client as their expectations will not have been met.

Prior to undertaking the work it is important to be clear exactly what the client needs, when they need it by and if you can deliver according to their needs. If is also important to be sure you have the right tools to undertake their work to be able to meet the timeframes discussed. For example, do you have access to their data files? If so, can you access prior data?

Another important question to ask the client is when do they have time available to answer your queries about their source documentation? There is no point having mountains of paperwork if you cant enter any of it as the person is not available to answer your questions.

It is also important to be clear on exactly what you will do for the person. You might think it is a great idea to photocopy all of their receipts which might fade over time, but if you have not discussed the additional photocopy cost with the client prior to undertaking the photocopying you may end up having someone who does not want to pay you for your work.

As you can see, having a satisfied client can be achieved by being open and honest about your role, their expectations, your expectations and keeping them informed at all times. Gradually as you form a relationship with a client, you will come to understand their personal characteristics and they in turn will get to know yours. This will mean over time you might not have to communicate every small detail as you do in the beginning, but it is important to remember that clear, concise communication is one of the key factors in building successful client relationships in your bookkeeping business.


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