Jun 10

Latency Is An Important Factor In Business Internet

For those of you involved in the decision making process for choosing an internet provider, chances are that your research has brought up the word latency a few times. Maybe you read about the importance or latency, its comparison to bandwidth, or perhaps youve simply heard the term thrown around by business internet providers. If you have been casting aside the notion of latency as it applies to your business broadband connection, you should think again. Latency plays a large role in the performance of your business internet, and if you are in the market for a new business broadband service, then you should definitely learn about the importance of latency.

In its most basic definition, latency describes the delay a user experiences during their internet usage due to the time it takes for the host server to receive and process a request. That delay time is based on how far the internet user is from the host server. To draw a real life situation where latency can affect your business internet experience, lets look at a scenario where you are browsing the internet for research. In your research, suppose you click on a page that has 200 or so objects. Upon downloading the page, you are essentially asking 200 requests for download, and each of those objects require some time to fully complete. If you have poor latency, a page this large could take seconds to load. That can be a significant amount of time when you add up an endless amount of bouncing from page to page during a research session. If you multiply that times 30-40 people in an office, that could add up to hours of wasted time and money. How do you feel about the importance of latency for business internet now?

When looking for a business internet provider, keep latency in mind. Some of the lowest (best) latency providers offer wireless fiber internet. Fiber internet has quickly become the standard for internet both in business and at home. Wireless fiber providers can offer high performance and low latency for businesses of almost any size. Natural Wireless, for example, is a fiber internet provider in the New York area that specializes in business internet. They offer a wireless connection that is designed from the ground up to deliver super-fast internet connections while guaranteeing lowering latency. Most providers preach about bandwidth, but you should dig deeper and inquire about latency.


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