Jun 13

7 Reasons Why You Need a Written Wellness Plan

Recently I did a seminar for around 100 financial planners and we talked about the importance of creating a healthy balance. These professionals routinely create financial plans for their clients to create financial wealth so I explained the similarity around the importance of creating a wellness plan for themselves if they want to create a great life.

I explained that most people make the time to plan a holiday well in advance but neglect to spend the time on creating a wellness plan and then are surprised when life doesn’t turn out like they hoped.

Isn’t it any wonder?

For most people, you have in your control, the ability to create abundant health if only you spend the time to dissect the elements of what health truly is to you and create small, actionable steps that lead you to the bigger picture. Some of these elements would include: exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindset training and spiritual/personal development.

This is why I believe everyone, especially leaders – should take the time to create a written wellness plan document. A leader is an influencer and can show the way to their fellow work colleagues, families and children.

There are at least seven reasons why I believe this is important:

1. A Wellness Plan will help clarify your important priorities.
When you think about your ideal health, do you have an order of preference? Lose weight? Reduce blood pressure? Reduce cholesterol? Reduce alcohol? Gain more energy? Clear brain fog? List what is important to you.

2. A Wellness Plan will enable you to maintain balance.
When life throws you a ‘curve ball’ you’ll be better equipped to handle what comes your way. With robust health, you’ll have reduced stress, become more resilient and have a stronger mindset to react to life’s adversities.

3. A Wellness Plan will provide a filter by which

Jun 13

How To Write A Business Letter

Writing a business letter is not merely a matter of expressing your ideas clearly. The way you write a letter and the etiquette you employ may have a significant impact on your success or failure in business. Failure to follow proper business letter etiquette may cause offense or misunderstandings, lack of clarity and hostility.

Always make sure you have spelt the recipient’s name correctly which should include title, honor or qualification if necessary. Many people use the ‘Dear Sir/Yours Faithfully’ formula when addressing the receiver. Although this is acceptable for routine matters, it is impersonal and should be avoided when dealing with queries or complaints.

If the content of the letter is sensitive, personal or confidential, it must be marked appropriately. Marking the sign of confidential on the envelope is advisable. If you only want the letter to be read by the receiver without the interception of a secretary, mark it with ‘private, personal or strictly confidential. If you have received such a business letter, you might as well reciprocate and ensure that all correspondence in future is kept at that level of confidentiality.

Proper business letter should be formal in style. Despite the receiver is familiar with you, it is advisable to maintain a certain level of business etiquette as the letter may be seen by others or referred to by a third party in the future. However, this does not mean you should use long or uncommon words to express yourself in the letter, which will make the letter unreadable.

Good business letter etiquette calls for letters to be responded promptly or within certain deadlines. This may normally be considered within 5 working days. If this is not accessible, some sorts of acknowledgement should be sent either by letter, fax, phone or e-mail. Always be sure

Jun 11

Importance Of Logo Design In Business

Logo is a symbol or a small design that gives a business or institution identity. Many businesses adopt it so that they could be easily recognized by people. But unfortunately there still many who are not aware of the power of having a logo. So lets discuss why logo design matters in business branding and how difficult it could be making a proper logo.

Well, literally speaking a logo plays a very important role in the world of branding. For instance what is so special about a Nikes shoe after all? Is it that their shoes are exceptional and has no match with any other shoe? Well, the fact is quite shocking, but there are many shoes which have better quality than Nike, but the thing is people dont show their interest, because they dont recognize their brand!

It is quite normal that people see logo before buying any service or product, because it exhibits trust. So, it certainly does not matter how good your product or service really is, if people dont recognize you, then they will not buy from you! Well, always remember! People dont just buy product, they buy that brand! Thus it really matters your business should be recognized by people first and for that you definitely require a logo.

As you can realize, a logo design is the must have step that every business should take for building brands. But it is not easy anyway! A logo need to be professional and eye pleasing and should reflect that business or the product the business is into! Once, you could able to manage that, you are almost done with making a brand staging.

Now, if you are a business owner running a startup company, you should need to give priority to making a logo

Jun 11

The Impact Of Barcode Scanner Technology On Businesses

Barcode technology has become omnipresent and is being used in every aspect of businesses to prevent errors caused by human intervention, and enhance overall efficiency across applications. Processes like inventory control have seen revolutionary changes since barcode help to track all product details and update inventory levels at all times. Barcodes are a universal feature now and do not attract attention anymore. They are in use in offices and commercial establishments, hospitals and warehouses, hotels, government agencies and all organizations required to keep an inventory of products and services.
Customers and clients seldom stop to consider the working of barcode scanner technology. No one thinks of the meaning of the parallel black and white lines, the light beam flitting across them and how they transmit the same data found on the label. The only certainty in everyone”s mind is the accuracy of the information and the fast pace of transactions.

The rationale behind all this is manner in which barcode technology works. Any item that is barcoded has been identified, and all relevant details about it stored in the system or the host computer. The information coding takes place in a special barcoding language, and it is the job of the barcode scanner to decode that information and present it in a human readable form.

Barcode languages are simple since they contain symbols that are like a string of bars of different sizes, some short, some long, and interspaced with unequal spaces shown in white. Thus it appears as a series and every part of the series stands for a certain number of characters. Special barcode software eases the whole process of storing information and later decoding it.

Hence barcode software is the critical part of barcodes and barcode scanning processes that eases the working of the whole

Jun 10

Latency Is An Important Factor In Business Internet

For those of you involved in the decision making process for choosing an internet provider, chances are that your research has brought up the word latency a few times. Maybe you read about the importance or latency, its comparison to bandwidth, or perhaps youve simply heard the term thrown around by business internet providers. If you have been casting aside the notion of latency as it applies to your business broadband connection, you should think again. Latency plays a large role in the performance of your business internet, and if you are in the market for a new business broadband service, then you should definitely learn about the importance of latency.

In its most basic definition, latency describes the delay a user experiences during their internet usage due to the time it takes for the host server to receive and process a request. That delay time is based on how far the internet user is from the host server. To draw a real life situation where latency can affect your business internet experience, lets look at a scenario where you are browsing the internet for research. In your research, suppose you click on a page that has 200 or so objects. Upon downloading the page, you are essentially asking 200 requests for download, and each of those objects require some time to fully complete. If you have poor latency, a page this large could take seconds to load. That can be a significant amount of time when you add up an endless amount of bouncing from page to page during a research session. If you multiply that times 30-40 people in an office, that could add up to hours of wasted time and money. How do you feel about the importance of latency for business internet now?

When looking for

Jun 09

Prospecting Strategy For Exploding Your Forever Living Products Business

If you’re getting dozens of leads and missing to recruit any one of them into your FLP organizarion business opportunity or getting them to buy your For Ever Living Nederland products, then you need to reassess your approach to recruiting. You ought to understand how you can pick the right prospects for your downline, learn how to approach them to be able to capture their interest and what to say to be able to keep them interested. Let’s take a look at the way you ought to do all this.

Before anything other things, you should first know that not all leads are probable clients for your FLP and down line salespersons in your FLP business venture. A few will likely be just wondering with respect to what you do while others will genuinely be fascinated in the remedies you have to provide. So if you can discover a strategy to pick just all those who are serious about your business solutions instead of striving to persuade all of your prospects to join your business opportunity or purchase your products, you are going to be well on your way to exploding your team.

But just how do you distinguish the right potential customers for your mlm business?

As aforesaid, the correct prospects for your mlm business are those with a true desire for the answers you have to provide. Seek to find out what your prospects are looking for. Find out their demands, issues and wants. Those whose desires match your business solutions are the customers you’re trying to find.

So as to capture the attention of your candidates, present them the resolutions they are seeking. As mentioned earlier, your problems have several needs and they’re seeking answers to their problems. You will definitely catch their

Jun 08

Wholesale Perfume Bottle Starting Your Own Perfume Business

If you are one of those entrepreneurial people who want to earn some money while working at home, you might want to go into the perfume bottle business. A lot of people love to collect perfume bottles nowadays so there is always a market for these types of products.

No, you do not have to create your own unique scents or produce your own crystal perfume bottle to get into this kind of business. There are a lot of companies out there that sell wholesale perfume bottles. The good thing about some of these companies is that they are willing to create something really unique just for you.

Of course you will need to pay extra money if you want something made especially for you but the good news is that if your products are unique and of good quality, you can always demand a good price for it. In the end, you will still be able to recover the money that you invest into the unique perfume bottles.

Starting Your Business

The first thing that you need to do to start your own perfume business is to find a good supplier of wholesale perfume bottles. The best place to start hunting for wholesale perfume bottle is online. The good thing about going online is that you will not be limited to companies that are near you.

Note that you can reach people across the globe online is just a few key strokes so if you want to find wholesale perfume bottles supplier, the internet is your best option.

Before you place an order for perfume bottles, it would be a good idea for you to ask for samples. Some wholesale perfume bottle suppliers are willing to ship samples to prospective buyers for free. If

Jun 07

Whats The Business Value Of Soa Show It With Kpis

Whats the Business Value of SOA? Show It with KPIs

If youre in IT, youre being asked to add more business value than ever. In fact, todays CIOs are being asked to become drivers of the business while at the same time many are trying to replace old and inflexible infrastructures with modern and flexible ones, according to InformationWeeks Analytics 2009 Global CIO Survey. This report adds that across the globe CIOs are fighting the stubborn perception that IT in generaland CIOs and their teams in particularare cost centers rather than creators of value and accelerators of innovation. Does this sound familiar? Whether you already have an SOA in placeor youre just getting started with SOAit is essential to prove business benefits.

Today, measuring cost and revenue impact as well as other SOA metrics is vital to any leading organization. Measuring the value and tracking changes to these metrics are critical as your SOA grows and its portfolio expands. Recent surveys from Forrester Research show organizations are increasingly implementing SOA as a business enabler. Furthermore, recent Gartner research concluded that:

More than 60% of organizations said their SOA projects had a positive impact on their organizations ability to grow revenue; and

SOA projects generated positive returnstypically within 10 months
A proven way to demonstrate an SOAs business value is through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs use a language your business colleagues understand: metrics. They give you the means to measure a return on your SOA investment and directly link SOA projects to real business improvements:

What KPIs you can use to start measuring SOA results

How leading organizationsAvnet, Coca-Cola Enterprises and France Telecommeasure how SOA contributes to business success

How Software AG can help you analyze and deliver on your SOA-based KPIs

Software AG, provides a

Jun 07

Fresh Breath To Online Global Business And Trade Furkey.com

Fresh Breath to Online Global Business and Trade: Furkey.Com

Exporting products/services and finding reliable suppliers became harder for many small and medium sized companies that struggle surviving the negative impacts of global economic crisis. Furkey.com arose as a new tool for these companies as a platform that combines B2B Marketplace with additional business services.
Enon Valley, PA (PRWEB) January 26, 2010
Exporting products/services and finding reliable suppliers became harder for many small and medium sized companies that struggle surviving the negative impacts of global economic crisis. Getamarket.com arose as a new tool for these companies as a platform that combines B2B Marketplace with additional business services.

“We have been working on this project since 2010 and the last global crisis showed how much this platform is helpful both for buyers and sellers looking for global reach, especially in difficult times,” said Mr. Necip Yildirim, CEO of Furkey. “Our members have turned this crisis situation into opportunity by creating alternative sales channels for their businesses and entering new markets they never thought of before.”

Furkey.com is an online global business center, where Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Freelancers communicate, do business, trade, and network with each other. Furkey has evolved and improved with modifications in line with experiences and customer feedback since its first launch in 2010.

There are four main service areas of Furkey:

Furkey provides all services expected from a B2B Marketplace. Furkey members easily post Selling & Buying offers, send Partnership requests, and publish their product catalogs. They introduce their companies and products to prestigious companies in all industries, all over the world. They also use Furkey spowerful search functions to find any offer, company, and product they are looking for.

Furkey members create and join business groups to manage and enlarge their professional Networks. Within

Jun 03

How To Make A Home Business Thrive

The garden metaphor for business has been done to death, but it does apply. If you’ve recently started an at-home business or plan to do so in the near future, keeping the “growth” idea in mind is a good idea. The concept can be wonderful, and with constant attention, your new business will thrive.

Running your business from home has so many benefits. You have no commute; you can work in your pajamas, and you can set your own hours. For instance, I can work on my freelance writing career at any time of day or night. That freedom is very enticing to most of us, so we need to focus on making our at-home endeavors profitable. This means to never quit, work your home business as consistently as if you were reporting to the office job, and find something that works and you can enjoy it.

Many people try to “reinvent the wheel”, when there are so many opportunities that are proven and if that formula is followed, it works!

If you want your at-home business to blossom, you must spread the word to the world beyond your family and friends. Even a tiny advertising budget is better than none, and an ad that is carefully targeted at your customer base is more than worth the expense. I live in a very small community, so potential customers in my immediate area are few, but an ad in the local paper can bring in a small number of clients. However, advertising on specialty writing sites is more productive.

Social media may be overdone, but it still works. Create a Facebook page for your business and use Twitter. These methods can bring in some new clients, and, once you’ve done wonderful work for them, word of mouth will bring in

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