Aug 21

The Tenets Of Good Business Sign Design

Designing a business sign is quite simple really, but designing a really good business sign does require thought, skill and knowledge. There are a few things to remember when designing your sign:

Don’t forget to put your business logo on the sign. This might sound a little bit obvious, but it’s surprising how many people forget! The logo also needs to be proportional to the rest of the business sign. A good place for the logo is in one of the top corners of the sign, or close to your business name, if the name is not incorporated into the logo.

The name of your business needs to be clearly visible on the sign. Some fonts might look classy but are not actually easy to read, so keep that in mind when deciding upon the font for your business sign. Potential customers need to be able to see your company name clearly, that’s the whole point of the sign!

Your business sign needs to make a great impression because it’s often the first impression that you will make on potential new customers – make it a good one!

The addition of pictures can help to make your sign stand out. For example, car dealerships could add a picture of a car, real estate agents may add a house, and those offering professional services could include photographs of themselves or their business associates on the business sign. It all helps to create that all important good first impression and stay in the memory of your potential clients.

Don’t make your sign too “wordy.” It’s much better to have short description of your business just below the business name. This information should be included in a font smaller than the business name, yet still visible enough for easy reading. If you’re a garden shed manufacturer you could simply write “Supplier of quality custom-build garden sheds” below your business name – that says it all.

Color is good on your business sign, but too much color may distract the reader from the point of the sign. The border and background of the sign should be a nice calm color with a splash of red or yellow to draw attention to the important bits.
The size of your business sign depends upon where it will be displayed and how great the distance is from which it will be read. Roadside signs need to be large enough and precise enough to be read in a passing vehicle without causing too much of a dangerous distraction.

It is also important to seek out permits and other permissions before erecting any type of business sign.
There are some terrific online tools to help with the design of your business sign. This enables you to see just how it will look before you have to pay out any money, and helps you to create the perfect sign for your location.


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