Oct 29

Using A Yard Spotter For Your Business

Most companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity and lower their costs. One way of doing this is through the use of yard spotters, which are also referred to as yard trucks and yard goats. These yard spotters are designed specifically for the task of moving trailers with ease and efficiency.

What makes these trucks so different from the typical semi truck that companies use? The design of these trucks make it much easier to operate. For starters, they require less time than a typical semi truck. A yard truck can move a trailer into a spot in significantly less time than a regular semi truck. Studies have found that in the time that it takes a typical semi truck to drop off a trailer, which is around six minutes and twenty-seven seconds, the yard spotter can have already moved three trailers. Studies have found that the yard spotter is able to drop off one trailer in two minutes and eight seconds. This means increased productivity, less man power and lower operating costs.

How can the yard spotter do this? For one, the driver does not have to climb out to crank the trailer down. The yard spotter is equipped with a fifth wheel that allows the driver to back up, use a lever and lower the trailer on spot. Secondly, the yard spotter is equipped with a rear sliding door that allows for the driver to step out, remove the air and electric lines with ease. With a typical semi the driver would have to step out of the truck, then fumble with the cables for a few minutes. Third of all, the yard spotter has better moving capabilities because the wheels are designed for faster movements and sharper turns than when compared to a typical semi truck.

In addition, the yard spotter has a unique design of the cab. It has windows all around which allow for better visibility when hauling trailers. This is also helpful when backing up to the trailer as the driver can see exactly what they are doing. A regular semi truck poses a problem in this area, as sometimes drivers have to rely on others to back up or they themselves have to get out of the truck to see exactly where they should be. Being unable to see all around is a safety issue for most semi truck drivers, however the yard spotter prevents this safety issue.

Overall, a yard spotter is designed to do the job that semi trucks do in hauling trailers throughout the business or from one destination to the next. However, the yard spotter does this in a more efficient matter since it is designed to do these jobs with the least amount of man power and cost for the business. In addition, the maintenance for these vehicles is very easy as the entire cab can be titled for maximum ability to get to the engine.


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